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Manchester United have a fifa coins better attitude, but sometimes can't determine all the so-called big game Showdown, from the starters for the moment is the opening whistle blew. Manchester United ushered in the most important game of the year ago injury flows, Phil Jones in the first round of successfully limited Ronaldo still failed to catch up with the competition, most consistent Defender Jonny Evans this term unfortunately absent due to injury. The key position of two generals, competitor, but also "how Sir Alex Ferguson will arrange first? "Became game Qian most by attention of topic facts is so cruel, Turkey Huang Chun-chieh, of that Zhang red, let Ferguson in this field game called classic of troops shrunken--he knows Rooney this season all four field substitute played harvest, but still insisted with Welbeck lock Alonso; he knows Ashley young this season all four field small League showdown starting United all won, but still sent Nani as anti-anti-weapon; he knows industry for Giggs whether should in Champions League starting of questioned, But still backed the has been working together with their 23-year old man he knows Manchester United at Old Trafford, wants Real Madrid firmly carried out the front after the opening press, forcing Manchester United easily feet long passes to hand over possession of the ball. While United by 2012-13-second only to Italy national team defensive performance to respond to-the point of dismembering each other offensive, top tactical discipline to ensure a reasonable distance between teams and three lines, while Real Madrid is back-ordered lateral moves to resolve in trying to move the ball opened the space effort.