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The night of August 6, fifa coins online Beijing time, the Premier League's official website announced the famous referee Howard. Weber officially ended his 25-year career as a referee, start of the new season, he was appointed as a professional League tournament official, technical director. Interesting of is, in served as premier referee during, Weber frequently by "bias" United of questioned, so has Premier fans put Weber called "United team soul" "red magic best 12 people", and crazy PS various pictures, teases he and United of "good base friends" relationship now 43 age of Weber is Premier League training of famous Gold whistle, he original is one police, Yu 1989 first Yu Rotherham United area League began served as referee, 1993 began served as North League of Assistant Referee, two years Hou liters mainly referee. 1996 for England Football League served as Assistant Referee, in 1998 promoted for football Parliament League of referee, 2003 official obtained Premier League law enforcement qualification, two years zhihou will became has international level referee 2010 can is Weber referee career of peak, first law enforcement Champions League inter and Bayern Munich of finals, then and law enforcement South Africa World Cup finals Spain and Netherlands of events, became has history Shang first in that same year continuous law enforcement has Champions League finals and the World Cup finals of main referee. In 2011, due to its contributions at topgamesclub the football field, Weber was awarded the order of the British Empire as we all know, Weber and Manchester United's "relationship" is pretty good, in his enforcement of game the Red Devils are often able to obtain good results, even with Manchester United, "Queen's referee" in the title, so the United Kingdom most netizens in PS when he connected against Manchester United.