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Juve miracle points won by 102 points, but the Club's ambition for this. Conte has put forward higher requirements to the Club, fifa coins ps4 if you want to make a difference in Europe, need to continue to enhance the team's ability. Marotta Conti no disappointed this time, according to Italy media reported that Juventus has signed Patrice Evra on the final round of the Serie a Juventus win moment, Italy broke the news, Evra had arrived in Turin on Friday local time carried out a secret examination, both parties only a few details needed to confirm it. If nothing else, Evra can be said to have been a Juventus player, he will be put on next season, "Juventus" a black and white striped shirt. Zhiqian, Evra was very close with inter, inter President Tohir even flew to the United Kingdom negotiations, but this time the Scudetto with Juventus clearly won out in the transfer market again it is reported that Patrice Evra, 33 years old will sign a 2 year contract with Juventus, annual salary will reach 500Million euros, second highest on the team. According to Italy of media analysis, Juventus bought Patrice Evra's main reason is Conte needs players with Champions League experience, leading the Club to advance, while Evra was clearly the best choice, he had been preparing for the Champions League with Manchester United, but also won a Championship with the team, there is a certain amount of charisma. The other hand, teams in the left side of the road has been the lack of a rotation Asamoah player, with Patrice Evra, Asamoah location can also transform back into midfield, Conte's choice is more experienced. Finally, the introduction of Patrice Evra and perhaps retain fifaon pogba as a move, after all, are from the Manchester United players, Evra was able to convince pogba to stay. In addition, according to the Turin sports newspaper news, Juventus have basically been finalized by Nani's arrival, "Manchester United" exist, pogba could be more inclined to stay with Patrice Evra on the left, the right wing also lacked a suitable substitute at Juventus.