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Historical confrontation cheap fifa 15 coins both sides 109 games, 50 WINS, 28 draws and 31 defeats Manchester United hold the upper hand. Edwin van der SAR was arranged, commencing with Coutts saxophone, Evans and Nani rotation starter. Giggs No. 573 League appearances, surpassing opening weekend after David James makes history Manchester United in control. Manchester United almost scored just 4 minutes, Rooney's cross from the right for his 8-yard header unfortunately hit the crossbar. The first 9 minutes, Ryan Giggs pass, Nani on the left after cutting inside the penalty area before blasting off the near post. The first 11 minutes, and huoyilaite into the left side of the penalty area deflected cross, wide-open 11-yard volley off the Samba. The first 18 minutes, Coontz Salk, picked up at the other side press nearly missed passes, thanks to Nemanja Vidic tackles cleared in a timely manner. Jones subsequently fined for foul on Wayne Rooney booked Blackburn Rovers 20 minute lead after Coutts sack-bashing aimeidun the right of the area crosses our hopes and Olson then a cross from the left, Evans further marking is not tight, aimeidun 10-yard left-foot fire break. Manchester United player complaints believe Olson was stopped outside the bottom line back to the ball, but replays showed the ball had not completely out of bounds. After that game deadlocked. The first 35 minutes, Giggs pass, Hernandez turned their shot was saved by Robinson in the restricted area arc. Enzongqi foul on Fabio fined for yellow cards. On 38 minutes, but Michel Salgado cross from the right, Olson away 12-yard volley off the near post.